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Why do PEOPLE, regardless if their religious people or NOT continue to show pictures of the: Sacred heart of Jesus,

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Immaculate Conception, Jesus hanging on a cross? Jesus as baby resting in the palm of the hand of this glorious looking mother-god figure?

Supernatural superstitions are UN- explainable, they are mystic!

Persons, NON-religious, or religious, are unable to understand, but are to obediently accept, and to obey those who explain- in endless riddle-like-fashions of how these objects of superstitious belief are to be venerated.


sacred heart of Jesus, Joseph,Mary

These and countless others are of a deliberate delusion from the very heart of Satan. Working through demonic base doctrines and beliefs.

People who believe in a supernatural event as described and written in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament are referred to as Christians.

People who don’t believe what is written in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament and are vehemently oppose to Christian truths and teachings.

The question to asked?

What do you call this other group, this group, that opposes the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Truths?

They all stand quite unified in their opposition even though you’ll hear and read of their many and varied reasons as to why they have their opposing views.

The point is you have the truly spiritually born-again Christians and those who are not.

As you read this reader don’t assume you are the truly spiritually born again Christian! In all likelihood your just a good, moral, decent, tax paying, a hardworking laborer to a brain specialist.

Attending your church of preference, however, you are the religious lost, unsaved, and heading for Hell.


If a person is continually exposed to pictures and certain objects regarding things they deeply believe in, they will hold these items in high regards almost as a fetish. Material things are kept by all humans with some sort of sentimental attachments.

If one chooses to have and object constantly before them there is a certain transposition that happens regarding that item. A certain type of veneration, even though a nonbeliever wouldn’t necessarily think of it in those terms. The object/s are set aside with a high regard for what it symbolizes to them.

Let’s be specific regarding the introductory items mentioned above: Jesus hanging on the cross, the immaculate conception, and baby Jesus in the palm of a mother god figure.

Palestinian god Ashtoroth
Female GodPalestinian God Ashtoroth
Diana of Ephesus
Female God Diana of Ephesus

rosary Female God Mary

Mentioned above was a name, the believer, and person who doesn’t believe. The believer believes in the truths from the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments; and furthermore, obeying those truths spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

mother of god

If the truth be known, all others, who do not want to listen or obey any of the things spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, they create their own ideas and decide how to live and act.

For this article we can say then we have the believers and non-believers. Each others positions are well publicized.

For example, if I wanted to weaken the Believer’s beliefs, I would cast doubts and innuendos regarding God and His Word, as found in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

In Genesis, the first book of the Protestant Christian Bible Old Testaments, the Devil speaking through an animal said to Eve of whom he tempted to sin. “did God say?” The devil cast a doubt.

In the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament are the words spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, are they talking about the sacred heart of Jesus?

Are they instructing the believer to pray to a belief represented in a photo, a picture, a carving, a statue thereof the sacred heart of Jesus?

To believe in physical suffering, as the means of entering into a deeper spiritual understanding, of gaining a closer relationship, an understanding about the mysterious sufferings of Jesus? And, if one does pray to this sacred heart of Jesus symbolisms, then one is closer to God.

Question: How is praying to the sacred heart of Jesus wrong?

Answer: I’ll honestly try and keep this answer short. The only way to be reconciled, to the one and true God, is through the God-man-Jesus.

How can one become aware of this need of spiritual reconciliation?

Only through the Father’s Grace which is His Power, Strength, Love, and Favor, that condescends down to all humans in abundant measures.

Man, humans, cannot earn this Grace in any way. It’s from God the Father only. Grace alone helps all humans to understand this Spiritual Substance known as God as revealed only in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments. NO Others. No Traditions old are new nothing. Only through the Words spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists can one understand God. All other religious are false and meaningless. The practices of the great majorities of the Protestant Denominations are useless and were created by men, they have no value to Christ, to the shed Blood that Jesus shed on the Cross, neither to His Atonement, that leads to humans Spiritual Salvation.

Grace is given by God the Father ONLY.

All FALSE religions have a man to do something, to earn reconciliation with God. All false religions teach that you as their false-Christian- are still a SINNER. In other words the shed blood of Jesus, Jesus’ blood that atoned for the sins of the whole world is useless, means nothing, that you a follower of these false religions are hopelessly always to be a sinner.

They teach and believe ardently that if you will DO something towards God if you’ll earn some sort of merit, by some sort of act on your part, if you recite prayers over and over according to beads on a string, if you go on pilgrimages to this place or that place, if you wear this or that medallions, hang them in your house have statues of dead people. If you will try and do these as well as other good deeds, in order to gain favor with God, to earn some sort of Credits with Gods, then you’ll have a better time in this present life. And as with all anti-religious religious cults, if you have problems in your life with; spouse, family, church, friends etc. The problems are because you’re not following these various religious cults practice, that they conveniently hide under the mantle of Traditions.

Praying to:

The Sacred heart of Jesus, Immaculate Conception, Jesus hanging on a cross? Jesus as baby resting in the palm of the hand of this glorious looking mother-god figure? Is meaningless frivolity, silliness.

This type of Godly reconciliation is called legalisms.

I’ll do this or that to gain favor and merit with God. It’s useless.

Meaning zero net gain, nothing but a waste of time by the practitioners.


People or under sin and death, sins consequences is guilt and shame.

People try get out from under this dark blacken covering of guilt and shame by trying to justify their actions by doing some good works, and thinking they are doing Gods work. A complete false anti-Christian practice a total waste of spiritual time.

Grace is given to all humans, to become a Christian is to understand that Grace, Helps YOU to understand that YOU can be Justified before God the Father by and through the Holy Spirit of God by God the Son Jesus Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension to the right Hand of God the Father.

Only through understanding the Father’s Grace which enables one to understand about Jesus, can one then become a Believer, a Christian, to be truly spiritually born again and a “New Creature in Christ.”.

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