DSCN0600[1]The Protestant Reformation and Revolution church movement began because of the evils perpetrated on nations by the Roman Catholic Popes, who incited war and annihilation to all that created serious objections to their anti-Christian doctrines.

Please read the many articles on the worldwide quest of the Roman Catholic Church to reign as the supreme religious leader; of having all other religions to bow to their world supremacy. Many articles are available through Books.Google.Com. There is an abundance of historical reference books in libraries around the world, substantiating the facts of these false religions . E.g. England, Ireland, and the attempts of Roman Catholic Popes to control that part of the world. Catholics verses Protestant, wars in Ireland. Current political views of governments worldwide, that oppose the Roman Catholic Doctrines, and there Catholic anti government policies, beliefs, and practices.

A Mr. Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, in the late 1860’s declared that he alone was like a god, stating he was incapable of making a religious mistake, according to his twisted heathen based religious traditions; additionally stating that he alone declared an ordinary woman (Immaculate Conception) to be as a god, and his followers were to pray to and to worship her.(Mary) Teaching that acts of Charity replaces the Atonement of Jesus, in other words a person can be reconciled to God and go to Heaven by doing good works.This arrogant person was and continues to this very day 2015, the Roman Catholic Pope Pious 9. 

The “Protestant Movement” in general terms, is a continual movement  against this world  domineering Roman Catholic Religious Empire. The Roman Catholic Religious Empire consists of (1) spiritual, (2) physical.

1., 2. As examples, a person might say that his/her religious thoughts would not interfere with one’s PHYSICAL job duties or requirements.

However, the person’s spiritual thoughts are unchanged. The spiritual elements will gravitate towards those elements in the workplace that are more in line with one’s spiritual leanings. A person’s spiritual tendencies (good or bad) could be through meeting and associating with like-minded people. Work performance could be associated with or from strong spiritual (or a lack of) beliefs through commitments, and dedication, to the performance of an individual within the workplace, and associated duties. 

Furthermore the Protestant’s religious opposition isn’t limited to the evils of Catholicism, but includes all foreign anti-christian religions, including all other that are in opposition in part or wholly to tenets of the basic PLAIN doctrines. Religious doctrines, all, that exclude Protestant Christian New Testament Truths, Commands, Admonitions from Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists.

Doctrinal ideas, thoughts of compromise, recognizing other religious views, are for the purpose of giving the impression of being tolerant.

In closing I would like for you to listen to one of the leading False Teachers of modern times. This teacher is a “once saved always saved adherent.” This deceived group deliberately and falsely believe that God has (DESTINED, SELECTED, ELECTED, GOD CHOSE THEM) according to this false teacher, that he and his followers are to go to Heaven, and all others are (DESTINED, SELECTED, ELECTED, GOD CHOOSE THEM) to go to Hell.

This false worldwide Baptist teacher rejects the writings of the Protestant Christian Bible outright, as all Roman Catholics. Both,-and many more- as False Christian religious Cults believe there is NO NEED for a person to be “spiritually born again.”

Catholics, Baptists, and a whole host of other world-wide religions totally and absolutely REJECT the Atonement of Christ! The Truth’s and Commands given by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Said simply, they all without exception


Mr. Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti was a false teacher of the worldwide anti Christian Roman Catholic Movement.

Mr. Billy Graham is the false teacher of the worldwide anti Christian Baptist Movement.

Listen to these ridiculous devilish statements by Mr. Graham.

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