November 1, 2015…. In North America, the time changes back one hour at this time of the year, DSCN0599and then later in the year it will move ahead again one hour. In 1974, I read some articles about becoming a Christian; when reading I thought about God. My thinking at that time, wasn’t so much about me becoming a Christian or a follower of Jesus, as it was about me seriously thinking about God in general. It was at that time in my life that I paused (I was 28 years old then), was seriously thinking about God, and realized that indeed I believed in God. Again, I have to stress, I wasn’t thinking about becoming a “Follower of Jesus”; as of yet I was not so very sorry for my sins and my self-centered ungodly lifestyle that I was leading.

However; because I had read and begun to understand the basic knowledge about becoming a Christian, it was that the “Gospel Message of Salvation” that I was reading about was from a neutral writer. When I say neutral I mean the writer wasn’t talking about going to a church or joining a particular church denomination.

It was then in December 1974 that I asked Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins, and, all I can say was that at that moment I was changed; I was looking at two, there was one old Norman, and then there was this New Norman.  I shared that I had seen the LIGHT ! The Light being Jesus and the Way of Spiritual Salvation! I became a Christian, a follower of Jesus, following only Jesus’, the Apostles, and Evangelists writings as found ONLY in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Today, November 1, 2015, with the time change BACK, the thought today, for me, this Sunday morning, is why do people return to their old ways of thoughts and actions, as they live their lives as I did.

Basically, I thought I was making all of my own decisions; yet the truth be known, before I became a Christian I was deceived spiritually, and didn’t realize that another spiritual force was in fact, trying desperately, always, to keep me, as well as all others, away from the real spiritual truth that Jesus alone is the way of Spiritual Salvation; not through some church and or its traditional methods.

In closing, you’re either a slave to Jesus, to His Commands and Teachings, as well as those of the Apostles and Evangelists written within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, or you’re a spiritual slave to the Devil, and your life is to do exactly anything that you so desire! With you thinking all the time that you’re in charge.

PS. The person that is the most deceived isn’t the non-church goer, but the religious hypocrite within the church, who has a form of being religious, but as with all rebels against God and Jesus, they are doing exactly as they please; they will pick and choose what to believe in the New Testament Teachings and then convince others to likewise accept and encourage their own rebellion, to choose also in not accepting the PLAIN GOSPEL TRUTHS AND COMMANDS FOUND WITHIN THE PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT.

This November 2015 Sunday morning, are you once again going back in your life to your own ways?

Or will you move FORWARD into Jesus love and forgiveness?

Protestant Christian Missionaries

Norman and Selma Oetker,

Saint Charles Missouri U.S.,


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