Christianity Miss-Understood Remains a Mystery To Christians


Christians that are only religious churchgoers, all say at one point or another. “I need to pray, read (Bible) more, help more at church etc.”   The present church leaders teach, and have the belief that all is well with their Christian domains, thinking their spiritual salvation is secured already by Jesus. Religious people beliefs are based on their religion and being a good person. All such religious people are not Christians they’re ONLY religious. E.G. Hindoos, Buddhists, Catholics,  Islam, 99 percent of Protestants Baptist, Methodists, Pentecostals, Messianics, Independent etc. All without exception will state the above and believe that in their luke-warm beliefs about an Idol, created God, Traditions, and Jesus, their actual day to day life can always be improved, but they live in a DELUSION that they are the Saved, the Christian. They’re the LUKE-WARM, Hell-Bound people, thinking their religious beliefs, and good lifestyles entitle them to go to Heaven.

Denial by Those Who Know It
White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, Islam