Denial by Those Who Know It


Christmas  again  is upon  us all world-wide. 2015 Many think  Jesus  was a good  person  and a good  idea  for  people  to think  about. Tragedy  billions of people  have created false and miss-leading  religious myth’s, doctrines, and falsehoods. This the Christian  Church. Every generation  since  Jesus  has had the opportunity  to hear the Gospels. YET, the very words of Jesus  fall on religious  deaf ears. Religious  spiritually  lost  people  create  their  own versions of how  they want THEIR church to be like. People of the world  must understand  Jesus’ words “to be Christian  You  have to  be  spiritually  born-again  by the  Holy  Spirit  of God. ” Agree to understand  Jesus’s Atonement . Agree to follow (repentance )  only the Truths  from  Jesus, the  Apostles  and  Evangelists  written  within  the  Protestant  Christian  Bible  New  Testament  ONLY  NO OTHERS, no traditional  teachings.  If you  agree to begin the above then and only then can GRACE from the Father help you  to  understand  Salvation  and Jesus’ Atonement .

Norman  and  Selma  Oetker  Protestant  Christian  Saint  Charles  Missouri  U.S.


Christianity Miss-Understood Remains a Mystery To Christians