Do You Believe You Have Rights in the U.S.?



Have you thought… that somehow you have RIGHTS?

In the United  States are you under the belief that the Constitution guarantees that all are created equal by a Creator? That as humans you have inalienable rights?  (unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor.)

Or if your from Europe, China, Russia, the Middle East,  Caribbean nations…etc.

Simply stated, man is under a delusion in thinking they have a free will to choose there own life’s direction and purpose. From being a President, an Entrepreneur, small business, teacher, doctor, fireman, police, to a day laborer.

All global people can state whatever beliefs they want. The fact remains, either you are spiritually born again by the Holy Spirit of God, and thus become a solidarity follower of the teachings of Jesus (who is God and equal with the Father and Holy Spirit), the Apostles, and Evangelists  as written in ONLY one book the Protestant Christian Bible. To live a life daily that is being guided by the Truths found only within the New Testament.

There are no Protestant Christians, Catholic Christians, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Pentecostal Christians, or of any other religious name.

The myth of the autonomous churches, controlled and guided by man’s own beliefs and ideals of how they want their god to be like, is a lie, and an abomination to God.


There is only ONE CHURCH, and only ONE Head of the CHURCH and that is JESUS ALONE. ONLY HIS Teachings from the New Testament are to be obeyed and followed daily.

If your sitting in life with your 9-5 job, attending a church now and again, and thinking your ok spiritually, picking and choosing what you’ll believe… your only deceiving yourself and you know it. If you are the good person, the not so good, or an evil person…all are to be judged not on what you believe.

God’s Judgement by Jesus happens to those that have refused to yield their lives to the Lordship of Jesus and His New Testament Truths alone. They that refuse to believe these and these alone Truths, within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Only!


DSCN0600Norman Oetker…Protestant Christian Missionary….Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

December 2015 



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