Eating Raw Human Flesh And Drinking Their Blood

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Who still practices this bizarre form of human cannibalism?

 If you found out that your co-worker or others practiced cannibalism would you be OK with that? In all likelihood  you DSCN0570would NOT!


We all have read of cannibalism being undertaken by those who have been faced with starvation. Or of this hideous act being carry out secretly by a mentally insane person.

And all are aware of the heathen savages living within our jungles today who are direct practitioners of their ancient barbaric, heathen, religious practices.

I myself as a Protestant Christian  Missionary  have sat across the table in a hut in Thailand in the Himalayan mountains, and also have sat at a table in Fresno, California U.S.; whereupon  both persons offered to me  to drink the blood of snakes  with them, thinking that their blood drinking from these different animals was invoking their religious gods for strength.

As a Protestant  Christian  Missionary  working within the foreign cultures, and also within the resettled Asian foreigners in this country (U.S.)  these acts, as well as many other strange cultural oddities and heathen, pagan  religious beliefs become all to common.

  The Roman Catholic  Church believes and teaches that when they participate in the religious practices that they in fact eat the very physical flesh of Jesus and drink his very blood. The Roman Catholics do not believe  in any sort of symbolism; all Roman Catholic doctrines teach that they in fact eat the very real flesh of Jesus and drink his very actual blood.

This cannibalistic  religious belief system  is well documented within heathen and pagan religions.

Roman Catholics practice heathen cannibalistic religious beliefs,  that by eating a human’s flesh and drinking the victims blood they will gain strength and power.

Please research yourselves that what I’ve stated above is actual doctrinal fact in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic church is the greatest religious deception that has ever existed. They’ve taken heathen and pagan religious beliefs and incorporated them into some sort of mysterious religious Catholic doctrine, such as the ancient belief of an mother god figure, praying to dead people, worshiping human remains, praying using beads, trinkets and charms to gain favor with their god.

All of these religious deceptions are done for the sole purpose of deceiving the world populations, to convert them to their type of religion.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary Saint Charles Missouri U.S. 






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