Horse And Buggy Christians?



December 7, 2105 Saint Charles Missouri and buggy

To be a Christian, what does it mean? The public generally assumes a Christian is a nice person in the broadest sense. A believer in God and Jesus. These points pretty well cover it. However, we have bad people who also state they are Christian; howbeit, not very good Christians(the not so good are those who believe they sin continually in thought, word, or deed.) Being water baptized, attending a church, being confirmed, or going to religious classes, affirming or pledging to a Christian statement, does that prove it? Doings good works for all and everyone in need? Is it a combination of all of these?
The answer is that NONE of these above constitute being a Christian. How can one become a Christian?
Simply said, “You cannot by your own will, actions, statements or desires become a Christian.”


Jesus said to Nicodemus that to be a Christian “You have to be spiritually born again.”
Some erroneously think this happens when Baptized into water; others think it’s done by your faith believing it so, while others believe its a combination of that and other things that one has to do. Some believe you have to obey and practice certain ancient rules, rituals, and traditions. Others believe you have to a live a lifestyle from a hundred years ago using horses and buggies.
All are incorrect, and are led by their own versions of religions.
Jesus, who is God, stated plainly that only God the Father -through God the Holy Spirit- can supernaturally create one from a sinful person (for all are born in sin) into a new person in Christ. A Christian, having all sin removed, begins a new physical as well as spiritual life,as one is a new creature in Christ(spiritually born again).
This is accomplished by God alone, you as a person, cannot in any form initiate the Christian Spiritual New Birth Process.
God requires that you understand what Jesus’ Atonement is about, you cannot become a Christian without reasoning ability. All without reasoning ability, are innocent of wilful deliberate predetermined actions contrary to God requirements, these are considered the innocent.


(Yes, as a Christian one can occasionally sin, however, if its a lifestyle choice-pattern to sin continuality, one then is not a Christian.)

God’s Grace (His Power, Strength, and Love) can help all endure through temptations; man is drawn always to sin because He/she desires to.

All need to understand the Gospel messages of Atonement and Repentance. Repentance is understood as to the full turning of one’s life to the truths and teachings from the New Testament teaching’s found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.
The Number one reason the vast majority of Protestant religions are not Christians are their refusals to obey all of the truths as found plainly written within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament alone. They all pick and choose and or adhere to whatever religious traditions are popular at any given time.
All people, no exceptions, are allowed by God the Father the opportunity to become a Christian. Jesus died for all of Humanity, past, present and future. All people are now currently freed from sin and death by Jesus’ Aonement. The people of the world, and that includes the United States most particular, are unaware even of how to become a Christian; they have settled for some church traditional religion, whatever strikes their fancy.


The Gospel message is the same as when Jesus spoke to Nicodemus “you must be born again.” God the Father’s Grace brings to all the enabling power and strength to begin to receive the gospel meassage of salvation; man’s justification for becoming a Christian is only through Jesus’ Atonement.
The turning of your life (this the true meaning of repentance)is to only the teachings and truths as found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, not to some sort of ancient or new church traditions.
FINALLY, when you understand these and these conditions alone, understanding you have committed beforehand, that this is your desire and intent to have Jesus as your Personal Lord and Savior, then you and God alone, complete this solely between the Lord and you, it’s then that your decision is received by God, as only God alone will supernaturally transform your life and you’ll become a New Creature in Christ.
The great majority of false Christians simply refuse Repentance. They will stop doing bad things, but they won’t adhere to the plain truths as recorded by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. They will do and believe what they please,thus not fulfilling God’s requirements for becoming a Christian.
Norman Oetker ……Protestant Christian Missionary

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