White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, Islam

Can these co-exist ?
Do you want to know the truth? Or some sort of hopeful answer?
Here is the truth, however most that will read this are unable to handle the truth. In our world today is a spirtual force, that actually hates and wants to destroy humanity.
People and nations childishly say words as “good and evil.” And of course the origins of good and evil are left to anyone interpretations.
Satan is a spirit that was once in Heaven. SATAN became jealous and wanted, and convinced many other angelic beings to have him as their leader. All were cast from Heaven to earth. There was no life in the earth, it was darkness and water covered it. We have no ideal of how many millions, billions, or trillion of years that the earth was in this state before God recreated as we know have it.
Then God Man and woman.
A very real and shocking part of my ministry is “Deliverance !” And within this violent evil spiritual world are various princes of darkness that rule certain areas of cities and even nations. The three mentioned above are all equally evil and are unrelenting and vicious. Satan their leader, is evil and wants your will to join his, in the denial of Jesus as the way of Salvation. A note, if you think your a Christian, in all likelihood your only another clueless rebel who refuses to obey the plain truths within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS HERE!

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