2016……From the dateless past our galaxy was in darkness our earth was an emptiness and covered with water. In the dateless past a rebel spirit along with millions of angelic followers had been cast as punishment from heaven to the dark, void, empty earth. God restored the galaxy and earth as we have them today. God created man and woman Adam and Eve. God commanded Adam to not eat of one fruit. Adam and Eve disobeyed. They lost their innocence and then knew right from wrong. God promised that in the future one would come to crush evil’s power that now was in their lives. Jesus came and has restored humanity to God by being the sinless sacrifice to God the Father for the sins of the world. Today to become a Christian you must understand the above. You must understand you have to turn your life to the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists as found ONLY in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament NO OTHERS. You must agree by your OWN FREE WILL to the things above BEFORE you can become a Christian.

What Are You Willing To Give Up?
The Lie that Christians are Sinners