Norman Oetker Adam and Eve’s First Language

Garden of Eden GodsSpokesman Norman and Selma Oetker

Garden of Eden GodsSpokesman Norman and Selma Oetker Protestant Christian Missionaries L.A.M. 1978 inc. 

All People!

Are descended from God’s only first created human Adam; from Adam’s rib God created the first woman Eve.

Eve is the mother of all living.
Eve is the mother of all humanity.

Adam’s language at his creation by God was advanced, not rudiments of a beginning. Adam was able to name all the animals and of the existing world.

The proposed plan for revealing commonality of ancient languages to the first language spoken by Adam and Eve before they sinned.

From this known ancient script we have the basic sound structures used from the previously unknown tongue spoken by Adam before they sinned.

Adam and Eve, banished from Garden of Eden by God, for disobeying God, and therefore, brought "SIN and Death" to all the descendants within the world.

Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden by God, for disobeying God’s one command, and therefore allowed  “SIN and Death” to enter them, and all the descendants within the world, then and now 2018.

It is important to realize and to continually keep in mind that these newly formed languages were from the minds of evil sinful men.

Sin had entered the world through Adam’s disobedience to God.

Adam and Eve’s first language was a pure sin-freed expression of perfect communication with God their Creator. All language communication to this point was totally innocent, transparent, bathed in love and innocence, there was no malice known. Adam and Eve were pure in mind, heart, and spirit, sin was unknown.

Grace, (God’s Power, Strength, Love and Favor to all Creations) Truths and Love adorned their lives. 

Life’s breath by God into Adam at his creation through which Adam’s spirit became a living person at that moment.

God is the source of life. God’s breath by His Spirit imparted life to Adam. God’s Spirit is PURE un-defiled.

Adam was God’s first created.

Sin corrupted the human spirit.

Sin caused abnormal evil desires, such as murder, mayhem and all sins of the flesh, with resulting new language names and thereby influence word creation.

This rebellion against God, SIN, had caused this very language confusion to happen.

With this in mind, we begin.

1st. Adam’s first language (sin-free) length is unknown.

2nd. Adam’s second language corrupted by sin for 1500 years or so to Noah’s flood.

3rd. Adam’s language was spoken after Noah’s Flood for 400 more years, through one family, then God caused language confusion.

4th. “Confusion of Languages”

Language confusion of people trying to communicate at Tower of Babel

Language confusion of people trying to communicate at Tower of Babel

All languages of today 2018 are from a CURSE origin!

Adam’s language before Original Sin is unknown.

The oldest now known dialects of the post Tower of Babel are from the Canaanites Language Groups.

Establishing the purpose of antediluvian Canaanite universal language patterns. More particularly, the positions of the upper and lower jaw, tongue placements, and breathing patterns, from this basic Canaanite language family that existed from the tower of Babel until Noah’s flood.

Additionally, from other related language groups, these commonalities can give clues for a meaningful supposition to the field of variant sounds that were readily available to these post Tower of Babel language learners.

These, now found, ancient basic Canaanite sound structures, are the structured base being drawn from for these first language sounds.


The difficulties faced in this proposed plan is the arrangement of these now known sounds.

I’m making a general statement on the expected results hoped for, and therefore, with this outcome, to move onto the next step of understanding of how to use these rudimentary sounds in a meaningful, constructive manner within our present languages in use worldwide.

Validating, if indeed, there is or could be a correlation in recognition by a person’s mental faculties of these basic sounds, thereby universally expressing thought pictures or recollection of specifics.

(nouns, actions, etc.)

NOTE: the Linguistic information below from

Theoretically, any sound could be used as a speech sound provided the human vocal tract is capable of producing it and the human ear capable of hearing it. Actually, only a few hundred different sounds or types of sounds occur in languages known to exist today, considerably fewer than the vocal tract is capable of producing.

Thus, all speech sounds result from air being somehow obstructed or modified within the vocal tract. This involves 3 processes working together:
a) the airstream process–the source of air used in making the sound.
b) the phonation process–the behavior of the vocal cords in the glottis during the production of the sound.
c) the oro-nasal process–the modification of that flow of air in the vocal track (from the glottis to the lips and nose).

(Symbols above are for general understanding.)

(Note…a general guide only, not language specific.)

Pulmonic Egressive Sounds

(Note an important understanding of this feature.)

One airstream mechanism is by far the most important for producing sounds in the world’s languages.

Most sounds in the world’s languages are produced by manipulating air coming into the vocal tract as it is being exhaled by the lungs, a method referred to as the pulmonic egressive airstream mechanism.

Sounds made by manipulating air as it is exhaled from the lungs are called pulmonic egressive sounds.

Virtually all sounds in English and other European languages are produced by manipulating exhaled air.

And most sounds in other languages are also pulmonic egressive. e.g. huh! Ssh hurt…




? (IPA symbol)

The ? (question mark) is an IPA (international phonetics association) sound value and is very simple.

In the ancient written Canaanite scripts, (after the Hieroglyphs) this pronunciation mechanism, or we should say these sound utterances, are pronounced with mouth open wide, with tongue in furtherance down position to the back portion of the mouth, producing a glottalized sound as in English “Duck.”

Sounds are universal by raising and lowering tongue midway. Add a symbol for language.

In looking at the diagrams above one can easily see how sounds are changed by the tongue positions and how one inhales or exhales at the same time.

Tongue positions, either front, midway, or far back in the throat, or positioned in a high, midway, or low can be easily accomplished by any person.

These base sounds are spoken by all humans.

Adding any sort of symbol for a particular sound is a written form of communication.

click to open I.P.A. Interactive Chart.

Phoenician Alphabet.

This alphabet is widely accepted as the oldest known written language, 1100 or so BC.

This becomes my initial source-code of sounds, to begin word-sound patterns, for the first, or more particular Adam’s language.

The purposes for this first language experiment are repeated, that upon hearing these first sounds (these not spoken today), the hearer’s sub-conscious would have a particular meaning-thought which would be verifiable by others hearing and recognizing objects or expressions similarly.

SIN Consequences within Language.

 1st language sin unknown by Adam and Eve

Sin was unknown by both Adam and Eve in 

They both were unaware of what right from wrong consequences could be.

They were created in a complete innocent state by God until they chose to disobey God.

Their disobedience brought both spiritual and physical death. However, God told them that in the future one was to be born of a woman that would crush the power of sin over humanity.

Sin and its death, both spiritual and physical, would be destroyed. Genesis 3:15

Adam and all descendants had to have faith in God’s Word until this Savior would be born.


SIN’S Consequences on language
Innocence to Degradation

Since that dreadful ancient past act by Adam and Eve, all humans since have been born in sin. 

This state of all humans being born in sin is referred to as “Original Sin.”

There is a direct correlation of human speech behaviors since the addition of a sinful spirit within mankind. e.g. implied acts, words, sarcasm, narcissism, hate, racist, etc. etc.


Sin is described adequately within the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

Sin’s described source is from a lie; this lie’s beginning is from an angelic being named the Satan/Devil.

An example of sin and a definition that is given is one that has been replicated many times over through the centuries by many and all languages.

When an actual event is undertaken and is repeated constantly there is a name given.

This name’s beginning, many times begins as a slang term, a word not in the proper sense


Slang is a word not in use within the proper language structure per say.

An example I would like to give regards a phrase within the New Testament which states that man is creating new ways of sinning.

This “new” action of sin is not described and would be relatively unknown.

The example is given to demonstrate that this repeated action would eventually become known by others, thereby a name would surface in some sort of format, slang or otherwise.

This action, this word, eventually would become more publicized and be accepted within a society, such as abnormal sexual acts between sexes, men with boys or men, women with girls or women, men and women with animals, offering children to gods through their deaths, killing of infants, babies, drinking blood etc.


This new word describes a category that is generally not recognized within a language, it’s a SIN word.

All categories of sin-words are based on a lie; therein it becomes subjective as to it’s meaning, if one indeed can come to a real firm conclusion as to a meaning.

A common expression is “within the eye of the beholder”, in other words, a lie implies to doubt what is spoken.

In language its a question mark?

The Bible expresses clearly that all humans are in spiritual darkness until they are regenerated by Grace and Christ’s atonement.

Languages do reflect this lie, as will be demonstrated.


Lies and Deceptive Languages

Tower of Babel 1786am. 2218bc.

Beginning of confusion of the one central spoken language in the world.


Words, Vowels, and Consonants.

Rotokas language is the shortest alphabet language known, 5 vowels and 6 consonants.

The longest alphabet is Cambodian Khmer with 74.

A word sound can be either a vowel or consonant.

A vowel sound is made by the tongue not touching the inside of the mouth.

Another visualization for a word is as of a mountain peak, the vowel is on the top, the consonants lead up to and then fall away from.


Words, Vowels, and Consonants

Markings for sound utterances can indicate a vowel pronunciation happening. Or, can be omitted and therefore be understood by the maker of the symbol marks



It’s generally understood a primitive isolated language has a small alphabet if one even exists.


The knowledge is very limited in one’s mind without a course for understanding and learning.

A course primitive lifestyle would naturally be for finding food, shelter, and survival, thus no need for higher learning.

The higher the abilities of a person the need for more words to describe observations and contemplated goals, thus the formation and connecting of vowels and consonant strings adding to an increase alphabet size etc.

The major exception is this group who were constructing the Tower of Babel.  They had just designed, planned, created unknown equipment to construct this epic Tower.

When language confusion initiated they were unable to communicate in explaining the simplest of things or projects to be done. This post Tower of Babel human group was forced to digress and begin a very basic rudimental language beginning, truly this had to be a very difficult, exhausting time in creating basic nouns, verbs, adjectives for every known thing in existence. Additional there were no language teachers.


English Sounds General

Sample Sounds of Isolated Language Forms of English


As of 2018 the I.P.A. has 107 Letters, 52 Diacritics, and 4 tonal type indicators.

I.P.A. Interactive Chart


All languages are derived from a sin and death relationship curse. It began the day when all of humanity through everyone’s first parents Adam and Eve, rebelled against their Creator God and choose sin and rebellion against God. Today each must decide, to accept or reject God’s Plan of Salvation and Atonement.

Words of Jesus

Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall SPEAK WITH NEW TONGUES;

Markings for sound utterances can indicate a vowel pronunciation happening. Or, can be omitted and therefore be understood by the maker of the symbol marks or a speaker.


The Romanized symbols construction below and pronunciations are of my own creation.

Below this chart will be the beginning efforts in a formula into the first language of Adam and Eve.